That was fun
Sep 14, 2006

The BMAC meeting last night turned out to be pretty fun and worthwhile. The presenter for the night was Rich Siegel the guy who wrote BBEdit (pretty much the text editor for coders working on Macs) and started Bare Bones Software. He talked about the changes in the latest major update (8.5) of BBEdit as well as their relatively new product, Yojimbo. Being a long-time Mac user, BBEdit has pretty much always been on the radar. Although, to be honest, I've never really used it (I generally use SubEthaEdit for my coding when I'm not using Emacs). But after his talk about it, I'm seriously considering it. Two of the features in particular (folding and clippings) really caught my attention. I'm definitely going to give a try on my next project to test it out and see if it's worth the somewhat hefty price tag of $125. I'm also giving Yojimbo a try. I looked at it when they first released it about 6 months ago and didn't really see the point. Since then, however, I've often wished I had a good program to use as a repository for all that random information you tend to accumulate like serial numbers and passwords. There are a number of solutions out there such as SOHO Notes (which I can get for free, but don't really like), but after last night I obviously have Yojimbo in mind and so am giving it a shot. Fortunately it's much cheaper ($39), so if I decide I like it there won't be much reason not to get it. In other news, I just got my copy of OS X Server in the mail thanks to the highly discounted prices offered by the Apple Consultants Network. I'm planning on installing it on my PowerMac G5 to use as a home server (as well as a testbed for various other things), but first I want to make some hardware upgrades to the machine to better suit it's new role. In particular, I want to move the two 160 GB hard drives currently in it into an external enclosure (probably this one with an eSATA PCI-X card) and configure them into some sort of RAID (haven't decided yet) as a backup store, then put some bigger drives into the internal bays (possibly two 500s, maybe two 250s). Should be a fun project, and will definitely make it easier for me to keep on top of my OS X server skills. I've also got a few ideas for hosted services that I could offer with a setup like this, although I'd want faster, more reliable internet and some hefty UPSs first. Also, for those of you who may care, there's a new episode of Vermis. As of right now it's not showing up on the site, but it should be soon. An interesting note on this episode is that I got a writing credit (I can do creative stuff too!).
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