What's in a name?
Aug 31, 2006

I've finally gotten around to doing two things I've been meaning to do for a while. First, I registered my business with the Cambridge City Clerk. This technically isn't necessary as a sole-proprietorship as I can just do business under my own name, but I've never really thought that was the ideal way to do things. And now I don't, for now I have registered a DBA. From this day forth (or at least until I change my mind), my company shall be known as 'Derivative Technologies Consulting'. And, thanks to my Apple Consultants Network membership, I was able to get my hands on a free copy of Chronos' SOHO Business Cards business card designing software. With it I was able to come up with the tentative design for my business cards on the right. It's very loosely based off one of the templates they provide, although the only part that actually came from the template is the circle and they had it as a bright red circle with a black border. The color scheme is actually one that I was already using on my invoices and letterhead (and actually I was already using the circle there too which is why I picked the template with the circle in the first place), as is the main font. The name actually came from the logo. Originally I was thinking of something along the lines of 'nth degree consulting' with the logo being some stylized version of n°, but a google search revealed that one had pretty much been done to death (there's one that already uses my logo idea, and even an nth degree IT). From the n° idea for a logo I came up with using the dy/dx instead, and thus Derivative Technologies was born. That name has actually also been taken but not by nearly as many people, so I decided to distinguish myself by adding the 'Consulting' bit. I'm still working on finalizing that business card design, especially as I'm concerned about the cost all that color might entail, but I think it will probably end up being at least related to what I've got. Next step, I suppose, is to set up a website since I already have the domain (dydxtech.com, the other options I could think of were also taken). The other thing I did today was to register to vote in Massachusetts. Really the only reason I did that today was because I was in the City Clerk's office and they had the forms right there. Had I done it yesterday I could have voted in the primaries, but, to be honest, I really don't care about the primaries because it only matters for the Democrats, and I didn't register as a Democrat. No I didn't register as a Republican either, I don't like either party (or the party system at all for that matter). I ended up registering as a Libertarian, not because I really consider myself a Libertarian (although more so than either a Democrat or a Republican) but because I figure it can only be a good thing to have more people registering for third parties and I sure as hell wasn't going to register for the Green-Rainbow party. Oh, I also sent in an invoice for the web development project I was working on. Thanks to the miracle of living with someone who works for the client, I'll actually be getting the check for that this evening. So on top of all that I'm receiving my first check as a freelancer today as well! And that, I think, is probably the biggest news I actually have (in the smallest paragraph, no less).
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