As predicted
Aug 28, 2006

Things are starting to pickup. Today, for the first time in a long time, I spent the whole day working. Well, the whole day between waking up a little before 11:30 and just now, with some breaks throughout: all told, about 6.5 hours. Which, to be honest, is probably a lot more time spent actually seriously working than I usually put in when spending 10 hours per day in an office. And all this from my bedroom. In addition to this one job, which is going very well and will be paying my rent for October (and then some), I've got another possible job in the works. It's coming in through one of the web developers that I'm currently talking to about another project. So far I've been pretty amazed by how quickly this web work is coming in. I haven't even really been actively looking for it, just responded to a couple requests and all of a sudden it's got the potential to really make some money. Now I guess I have to decide how much I want to focus on this and how much attention I should be devoting towards getting actual IT work. The IT work is what I'd rather do, but, as usual once I finally rolled up my sleeves and got into it, I've remembered that programming is fun. I'll have to figure out a way to balance the two, but in the meantime it's very nice to know that even if/when the IT business is slow I've got other marketable skills to fall back on that there's plenty of demand for. And it sounds like if I teach myself ASP and .Net I can expect some more work in the near future. I also, finally, have a date for when my stuff is getting delivered. About two weeks ago I got an email from Door to Door saying that my container had arrived at their facility near Boston, but that they didn't have a delivery date scheduled and I should hurry up and schedule one because they're very busy right around now. This was news to me as I had specifically told them that I wanted my stuff delivered on Sept. 1 several times. I called the guy that had sent the email and told him as much. He said he'd see what he could do and try to get me in as close to the date I wanted as possible, and that he'd call me when he knew when my stuff would be delivered. Today, I still hadn't heard from him, so I called him back. Turns out he had scheduled my delivery and not actually told me about it. He also managed to spell my name two different ways when scheduling the delivery and later pickup of the container so it took him a while to figure out when I would actually be getting my stuff. Fortunately he was able to get my stuff scheduled for delivery on Sept. 1 as I had hoped, so everything is still going according to plan. Now all I need to do is enlist some help in moving my insanely heavy couch up the three flights of stairs to my apartment. I'm also thinking about just listing it on Craigslist and trying to sell it straight out of the container... All in all I've had a good experience with Door to Door, although it's seems as though they were much more organized when it came to taking away my stuff than when it came to giving it back. Whether that's due to the added costs I could incur by them having my stuff for longer or simply because the office over here isn't as organized as the one in the Bay Area, I don't know. But I'll definitely consider using them again next time I make a long distance move even though on the drive across the country I didn't see a single Door to Door truck or container but saw no end of ABF trucks. I think I probably saw more ABF trucks more often than just about anything else no matter what part of the country we happened to be driving through.
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