Today is a good day
Aug 25, 2006

Several good things today. Most importantly, in addition to the two web designers I've been talking to about doing some programming for them (and I'm pretty confident that at least one of them will hire me), I've been hired to do yet another web programming job. It's a fairly small project, but I imagine the company that's hiring me to do it will have similar projects in the future that they'll now know they can come to me for. Also, with this job I'll be well on track to meeting the financial goals I've set for myself. All in all a good thing. What I really need to do is step up my marketing efforts. So far I've haven't been putting enough effort into it, and I really need to change that. But I think I'm finally getting over the vacation mood and starting to want to do something productive with my time. The first thing I should do (as Jessi keeps reminding me) is write an ad and post it to Craigslist. The next step, and my preferred marketing method, is to start doing some networking. I've been working on putting together a list of local groups and events that would be good networking opportunities for me, now I need to actually start taking advantage of them. Any suggestions for networking opportunities are, of course, welcome. In less work related news, I've finally gotten around to joining a rugby team. I'm playing with the MIT Men's Rugby Club. Went to my first practice last night, and will be going to a scrimmage with North Eastern on Sunday (I might even get to play depending on how many people show up). In addition to being a whole lot of fun, it's reminded just how long it's been since I've played or really done much to keep myself in shape. With my old job it was really hard to stay in shape as I had a 45 minute commute between Albany and San Francisco, didn't technically get off work until 5:30, and was often in the office much later than that. After a long day at work and 45 minutes of standing on BART I really wasn't in the mood to do much of anything let alone work out. Fortunately, my situation here is completely different with work happening on my schedule and no commute. With luck I'll be back in shape in no time, all while having fun and playing the greatest sport around.
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