Work ho!
Aug 23, 2006

In addition to just doing general IT stuff, I also happen to have a degree in Computer Science and a fairly strong background in programming, particularly web programming of late. What I don't have, however, is much skill in the way of web design; I can set up a very basic web site that isn't ugly, but visual design just isn't my thing. So one of the other things I've been thinking about ever since I hatched this crazy plan of mine has been the possibility of teaming up with a web designer to do backend work. That aspect of my plan, it seems, may be bearing fruit. Thanks to the miracle of Craigslist I'm now talking to two different web designers, both of whom may be interested in hiring me for a project that could lead to a more formal work relationship. Things are sounding pretty good, so I'm very hopeful about this. With luck I should have at least two projects coming in within the next two weeks. At the very least I'll hopefully be able to get a good website out of this.
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