(Oops, I forgot a title)
Aug 17, 2006

Yesterday I sent in a proposal for a project requested by my very first real client, Pod Digital Design (a viral marketing company that does some very cool stuff). This will actually be my second project for them, and hopefully will lead to more in the future. I'm actually making money now. Sweet. I've also been poking around the Apple Consultants Network web site checking out all the new resources that are now available to me as a member. I've already scored some free software through it and will be, once my Door to Door container with my other computers arrives, purchasing some heavily discounted Apple software through it. They provide some really amazingly good deals, and the membership fee will more than pay for itself with just that first purchase I'm going to make. In other news, my very good friend Julia French has made it into Valleywag. They've picked her as one of the two likely winners of the Web 2.Ooh Ladies' round. A contest for, I suppose, the hottest chick in the Web 2.0 conference circuit. Obviously everyone should go and vote for her. However I've noticed something with the poll they set up. No matter how many people I get to go vote for Julia, the ratio of the votes stays at just about 57% to 42% in favor of the other girl. Now I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty sure that those percentages should be fluctuating a little more than that. Is this poll rigged?
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