It begins
Aug 15, 2006

I just sent in my first invoice to my first client. It wasn't for a particularly large amount, but I am currently working on a proposal they asked for for some further work, and that work will end up being for a larger amount. It definitely feels good to know I'll be getting some money soon, and it looks like I may be getting some more clients in the very near future. I think I'm finally getting this business off the ground. One annoying thing that I need to learn more about is whether or not I need to charge sales tax. It's been suggested to me that it's worthwhile to just always charge sales tax because it's easier than figuring out which things I actually do need to charge for and which I don't. According to Massachusetts state law, I need to charge sales tax for telecommunications services, exempting a certain few things like internet access. Of course, what constitutes 'internet access' under the law? Is it only the services provided by an ISP? Does installing a wireless router count as providing internet access? What if I set up someone with Verizon EV-DO cards for their laptops? Am I providing the internet access, or is Verizon? Guess I should add this of the list of things to ask the accountant (whom I need to remember to email...).
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