Shots fired; hey look I'm a journalist
Aug 13, 2006

At about 12:15 am (10 minutes ago or so) Jessi and I heard 4 shots fired somewhere in the general area (Central Square). Immediately after two cop cars with lights on but no sirens came down Bishop Richard Allen, paused, and then to a squealing right turn onto Columbia heading towards Mass Ave. Now there are two cruisers parked in front of Morgan Park on Columbia St. with two cops directly across the street searching for something in front of an apartment building. From our bedroom window, which faces away from the park, towards Mass Ave, it sounded like the shots came from directly outside. But with the buildings around the sound could easily have just bounced around and really come from anywhere. It was definitely relatively close by, and a small caliber gun (sounded a lot like a .22, but I'd guess a 9mm is more likely). I think it's also safe to say that there was only one gun. Immediately after the shots were fired a large, black SUV (looked like a newer-model Chevy, but it's hard to say) came down Bishop Allen (from the same direction the cop cars later came from), went straight through the intersection and took the street that bears off to the left after the parking lot (no idea what it's called). From observing the cops' behavior, my take is that the shooting took place probably across the street from Morgan Park (there was a shooting there not too long ago). The two cops on foot across the street had to be either searching for evidence that the gun was fired from there (such as shell casings on the sidewalk) or that the gun was fired towards there (such as bullet holes or at least impacts on the brick building), they were looking both the ground and the side of the building so it's hard to say. The two cars that sped off towards Mass Ave must have received a report of the gunman and were speeding off to pursue. That's all the info I have right now as it hasn't made it to the news yet (obviously), but as it sounded like it happened literally in my own backyard I'm very curious to find out more. I'll probably post here about is as I do. [Edit: check out Jessi's blog for an alternative take on things]
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