Keeping up to date
Aug 13, 2006

One of the things that I've been pretty bad at lately is just keeping up to date with what's going on. It was pretty easy before with my old job as I was always in an office with people whose jobs required them to be on top of the latest high-tech news. But since I've gotten to Boston I've realized that it's much harder to do that on my own. Not helping matters is the fact that I'm on a new computer because all my RSS feeds are on my PowerMac that I won't be getting back for another half a month. Despite my somewhat lackluster approach to it lately, knowing what's going on is really extremely important when trying to do business, especially when trying to do business in a high tech field. If I'm going to be successful at all in terms of helping people with their computers I need to know what sorts of things are popular, what software people are using, what the latest and greatest tools I should be recommending are. I also need to be familiar enough with those things that I can do more than just mention them and offer 3rd-hand advice on them. So starting today I'm going to do my best to fix this. Earlier, we went to a bookstore where I grabbed a few magazines. Despite my high-tech leanings, I really do prefer reading print magazines to the online versions. I find it to be a more pleasant experience, and easier on the eyes. Plus I don't need to worry about the battery dying in the latest issue of Wired. Plus it's a lot easier for an article to catch your attention when you've got a whole column of it there in front of you next to the article you're already reading rather than just a headline linking you to the body elsewhere so I tend to get more from the print versions as well. I also intend to start going to BMAC (Boston Macintosh Users Group) meetings—I meant to go to the one this month (especially as it was all about WWDC), but sadly I completely forgot. The nice thing about actual gatherings is that, in addition to learning about current events, it will help me start building my Boston network and also possibly bring in some business. There's a few other groups with meetings that I intend to attend, some more work-related than others (like a few language groups). Although to be honest, I'm much more excited about the fact that I'm going to be playing rugby again. Hopefully this Tuesday I'll be back on a rugby pitch for the first time in about 5 years. I can't wait.
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