Posted on the 4th of July
Jul 04, 2006

I have to say, the Internet is a strange 'place'. Having posted the ad for a roommate both here and on Craigslist we immediately got a number of responses both by email and by phone. Responses from people ranging from a matriculating freshman from California to a nurse in training in West Africa. The very strange thing is the way some of the response emails have been written. There's a few that read exactly like some sort of email scam. For example: I'm writing to you After excessive enquiries on accommodation listing on the your property happens to interest my personalty and has been singled out by me. I am [no, I'm not putting her name up on the Internet] a 27 year old female living in the Greaat britain,EUROPE after the death of my father and am a professional in the field of modelling and fashion design. The dailytheory achievements have warranted me to want to relocate to Us so i can further more on my career and make it well in life course i have all it takes toThese have warranted the need for a special and comfortable room and roommate were I will stay for the duration of a year or more depending on how the lease is been drawn; all expenses are the responsibility of my client who is owing me some few dollars. Maybe it's just evidence of the poor state of internet communications, but this sounds to me like the beginning of a 419 scam. That was seriously the first thing I thought when I read this email, except that I can't actually find the scam. Fortunately we've also gotten a number of promising responses (like the aforementioned Californian freshman who also commented on the adorableness of Pigpen, I knew the picture was a good idea [edit: Jessi's good idea :)]), so hopefully there won't be a problem finding anyone in time. It's very nice that this is moving along so nicely because there's so many other things to worry about. I still need to call the moving company and arrange that, I still need to arrange things with my current landlord, I still need to start packing my things up, I still need to soldier through my last 13 days of work, and I still need to talk to my boss about the details of the contract work they want me to do after I leave. Oh, and I still need to turn down that job offer. So much to get done and so little time to get it done in. At least with Jessi here for the past week and a half (I just dropped her off at the airport to go back to Boston now) we were able to plan out the route for our drive from San Francisco to Boston (we'll be visiting both my mom in New Mexico and her mom in Illinois on the way, sadly we weren't able to fit a visit with Ethan and Alison, two friends of mine from college in Minnesota).
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