On the road again
Jul 24, 2006

(I wanted to post this yesterday before leaving, however the DSL at what used to be my house wasn't working for some reason. So pretend it's been up for over 24 hours.) Today, having completely packed up all my worldly possessions (Except, obviously one of my computers. The ThinkPad, in case you were curious.) Jessi and I are getting in my car and I'm leaving my house in Albany for the last time. I am, of course, leaving behind more than just a house. My roommate, with whom I've been living for the past two years and with whom I've been friends for the past 14, is still living in this same house; one of his coworkers is taking over my half of the lease. My other friends, many, and some of the best, of whom were, until Friday, coworkers. My dad, whom I'll obviously still see, but not nearly as much. The office that I helped set up in January of this year (I may have left my job and that office but I certainly have a lot of fond memories of both, helping to set up that office and install all the technology being one of my favorites). And of course San Francisco, a city that I spent so much time just across the Bay from but never really got to know until just last year; one of my favorite cities in the world, ranked up there with Shanghai, London, and Madrid. Those are the things I'll miss, but one other thing that I'm leaving behind I definitely won't: the 2866 miles between me and Jessi, that I'm quite glad to be giving up. The trip itself should be a lot of fun. We've got a lot of territory to cover, and not all that much time to cover it in if we're going to make it to Cape Cod in time for a massive party that Jessi assures me we can't miss. The plan is to leave Albany on Sunday morning, driving South and then East to visit my mom in Santa Fe. We'll spend Sunday and Monday nights there, then head North-East to visit Jessi's mom in Illinois skirting around Nebraska on the way (I've driven through that state far too many times as it is and have no desire to see that particular 400 mile stretch of nothing again). We'll spend a night there, and then move on to Boston. If all goes according to plan we should arrive in Boston on Thursday night, although now that I'm moving with Door to Door it's not longer an issue since I'm going to have my stuff delivered on Sept. 1. Along the way, obviously, we won't really have internet access, but I intend to post when I can. We'll also have Jessi's camera with us, so I'll hopefully be able to provide some visual record of the trip (and take full advantage of Zooomr's geotagging feature).
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