Ah, the petty things in life
Jul 20, 2006

Today is the last day that I'll have to wear 'business casual', and tonight will be the last time that I have to set my alarm clock to 6:30 am. (On a regular basis anyway.) Those may be fairly small things, but to be honest they have been my least favorite aspects of having an office job. This really will be, to me, one of the nicest things about all this. Obviously it will still be important that I look good and be punctual when on the job, but I intend for my business wardrobe to consist of suits for meetings and the nicer end of casual for when I actually have to go work in someone's office; and I certainly don't intend to schedule anything early if I can avoid it. Suits, of course, are the pinnacle of comfort (not to mention they just looked damned good); what could be more comfortable than clothing that's been specifically tailored to your body? I'd really have no problem wearing nothing but suits to work. Of course they're not really appropriate for IT work where you're as likely to be crawling around under a desk plugging things in, as you are to be sitting in a chair all day coding and whatnot. So those will be saved for meetings only (and I'm definitely going to need to get a summer suit or two, as wool suits are not year-round attire in Boston as they are in San Francisco). For the rest of the time the key is comfort, practicality, and professionalism. Anything nicer than khakhis and a polo shirt would really be wasted as the job will involve some crawling around on the floor, lifting heavy objects, and even getting a little sweaty from time to time, and wearing uncomfortable clothes just makes the job unpleasant. I guess I'll really have to play it by ear and figure out what works the best (erring on the side of too nice, if necessary). Of course anything that doesn't involve actually physically setting things up I can do from home, so it doesn't matter what I wear.
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