The situation has been contained
Jul 19, 2006

Door to Door dropped off the containers today. So far I have to say I've been very impressed with them. Not only have they made things more convenient than any of the others by being able to pick up the containers over the weekend and still being cheaper than the alternatives, but they're actually punctual too! Since I had to be at work today, my friend Alan (creator of Vermis) went over to my place to take delivery of the containers. All I had to do was tell them that he would be the one to sign for them and it was taken care of. But the most impressive part: they said the containers would be dropped off between 12 and 3, they were dropped off at 12 sharp. I don't think I've ever even heard of a delivery actually being made on time before. So my impression of Door to Door, so far, is very good. Let's hope they live up to expectations and deliver my stuff to Boston safely and on time! Also today, I went to the Bank of America to open up a new account. Currently I bank with Wells Fargo, but they have no presence in the Boston area which would be rather inconvenient. Apparently, however, the California branches of BofA are on a different computer system than the rest of the country so that if I were to open my account in California, the branches in Boston wouldn't have full access to them. So the banker I talked to recommended that I wait until I get to Boston to open the account. He also gave me the good advice that the best way to do it is to close out my Wells Fargo account and get a cashier's check made out to me for the full amount which I can then just use to open the BofA account. Unfortunately, I want to leave my Wells Fargo account open until at least the end of the month so that I don't have to go through any annoying paperwork in getting my paycheck direct deposited into a new account for the one last check. So I'll still have to figure out how to best to do that. But really, what the hell, Bank of America? Actually, I have run into something similar before. When I first went to college in Minnesota (at Carleton College) they didn't have Wells Fargo there either. However they did have Norwest Bank, which had recently been bought by Wells Fargo. I could use my ATM card at Norwest Bank ATMs without getting any fees, but they weren't able to get full access to my account. However within two years they had switched everything fully over to the Wells Fargo systems and it was all nice and easy. But Bank of America has been operating in Calfornia for at least the past 14 years (as long as I've been living here) and I can't imagine they're only a recent entry to the Boston area. So still, what the hell, Bank of America?
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