Just add water
Jul 18, 2006

I'm continually amazed at how quickly something can spread when powered by the Internet. When I started this blog there was obviously no one reading it (except, perhaps, Jessi). And at first I didn't even do much of anything to spread it around, although I put it on Technorati and got some hits from that right off the bat. Eventually I started putting the link in places and commenting on other blogs using this as my address. Getting this blog listed in directories was definitely very productive and the likes of Universal Hub and Blogflux have definitely brought me most of my traffic. But what really amazes me is that now, less than a month after I started this blog, I'm getting hits from hundreds of distinct hosts (averaging around 50/day), and transferring almost 3.5 MB of data every day. 3.5 MB really isn't that much (although it's more than two floppies...), but when you consider that this is pretty much just text, that's actually pretty amazing. To some extent, I suppose that what I really find amazing is that so many people are actually interested in what I have to say. Obviously all of those hundreds of people who've clicked a link to my site haven't continued to read it regularly, but some have. My Feedburner tag in the side bar consistently shows that I have subscribers, maybe not tons of subscribers, certainly not the level that could make me a professional blogger, but still, people are actually subscribing to my blog, reading, and presumably caring about, the things I write. Maybe I'm just far too old-fashioned for my age (I do occasionally find my cell phone to be indescribably amazing), but I find the whole phenomenon of blogging, and the Internet in general, to be completely fascinating.
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