Apparently I'm moving Door to Door
Jul 13, 2006

Door to Door is another moving company in the same vein as Help U Move and ABF. When I was looking at all the others I also submitted a quote request to them. Sadly, unlike the others, Door to Door does not have a nifty online quote form that gives you your quote in a matter of seconds or minutes, so I sort of discounted them off the bat. But I shouldn't have! This afternoon I got a call from one of their representatives with a quote. Not only was it cheaper than ABF, it was cheaper than Help U Move, and even cheaper than U-Haul. What Door to Door does should sound very familiar at this point. They drop of a shipping container (6' x 7' x 8') or however many you want (for example I reserved 2, but if I can fit everything into 1 I'll only pay for 1), you pack them up, they pick it up, and drop it off at your destination. What's different about them, however, is that they give you a full 15 days of 'storage time'. This can be used in a number of different way. You can use up to 5 for loading at your origin, up to 5 for unloading at your destination, and the balance can be used for storage if you don't want to have to deal with it yet. You can, of course, pay to have them hold on to it even longer, it's less than $4/day. In addition, they will drop off and pick up the containers 7 days a week (here, anyway) so my scheduling constraints are pretty much gone. As long as they don't destroy or lose my belongings, I'm definitely likely to be a loyal Door to Door customer for whatever other moves I make in the future. And they have an excellent record, so I think it'll work out just fine. They even do international moves!
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