Help U Move?
Jul 11, 2006

Moved ahead with two important steps today: signing the lease on our apartment, and making the reservation for the moving truck with Help U Move. Signing the lease went well enough, nothing really interesting there. It's the reservation for the truck that I find more worthy of discussion. When I originally did my research on them (including getting a quote with the form they provide online) I came away with a very good impression. From reading their site, my understanding was that they'd drop a 28' trailer off at my house, I'd have as much time as I needed to pack it up, 'This can be one hour, several hours, overnight or over the weekend, you decide', they'd pick it up, deliver it to my place, and charge me for the linear feet that I actually took up with my stuff. The quote I originally got on anywhere from 3' to 8' of trailer space was approximately $1800. So today I went and actually filled out the reservation form to reserve the trailer. Annoyingly the price has gone up to just over $2000, but that makes sense as I'm giving them less lead time. What's a little more annoying however, is the timeframe they give me to pack it up. From the description they initially give, I thought I had pretty much as much time as I needed. I was planning on getting it dropped off on Monday, packing after work over the course of the week, and getting it picked up the following Monday having left in my car for Boston on Sunday. However when you actually get the reservation they give you some slightly different phrasing: You are allotted two (2) busness days to load or unload the trailer. Weekends are not included. If you exceed those two days, trailer detention charges may apply. Ok, seems reasonable enough. Weekends not included means that Saturday and Sunday don't count against those two days, right? Wrong. If I want the trailer picked up on Monday, they'll drop it off on Friday (they've changed their policy to be three days). Any earlier than that and I'll have to pay extra. Still not too bad, but it presents some interesting logistical problems. Specifically, they need someone to be there to take delivery of the trailer, and they'll give me a 5 hour period on the weekday that I want in which it could be delivered. This would be great except for the fact that I have to work on weekdays. I could see about working from home on the day that the trailer's going to be delivered, but if that's going to be on Friday it's my last day and it just seems somehow wrong to work from home on my last day. If it's going to be earlier in the week then they're going to have to pick the truck up on Friday which means I have to get all my packing done on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday after work. Maybe I'll be able to get my dad or someone to be there to take delivery of the trailer. Anyone want to make a couple bucks? It also turns out that they want me to be there when they pick up the truck (on a weekday) so that I can get the driver to sign a confirmation of how much space I'm taking up. It's not strictly necessary, but the alternative is to trust them to do it at the truck terminal. So I'd really rather be there. Again this presents some logistical problems as they'll only pick it up on a weekday. If it's picked up on Friday, that means a second day during my last week that I should really try and be at home for. I don't really want to have to ask for that. If it's picked up on Monday that means postponing my departure by at least 24 hours, which cuts into our already somewhat tight driving schedule; basically we'd probably have to drop the visit to either my mom or Jessi's mom. Again, not ideal. And again, the only reasonable course of action seems to be to enlist my dad or someone else to be there to sign the form with the driver. Depending on the timing of this, I suppose it could possibly be my roommate, but I suspect they'll want to pick it up in the middle of the day. And the part that really annoys me: You are required to secure your load by creating a bulkhead in the trailer using load bars and plywood. Load bars will be provided with the trailer, however you are responsible for obtaining two (2) sheets of (4x8 ft) plywood. Oh, come on! How hard is it to provide a bulkhead of some sort, really? It's not a huge deal for me to run down to Home Depot and spend <$20 on two sheets of plywood, but come on... So they've kinda put me in a tight spot logistically. I'm not really sure that I can accommodate the schedule they want to force on me, and no one's bid on my move on uShip. I have sent an email to a guy that was recommended to me, but haven't heard anything back yet. If I need to, I can certainly make some sacrifices and do things their way. But hopefully I'll be able to work out something a little better...
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