Freelance solidarity
Jun 30, 2006

Well so far the results of the poll are dead even on whether I should take the job or not. I suppose I'll give it some more time to see if more people respond (according to FeedBurner I have 8 subscribers now, and I voted and I know at least two other people did who didn't actually read the blog, so there should be at least 5 more people who might still vote). Fortunately (and probably smartly), I don't actually intend on making an important life decision based on the results of one web poll on a relatively low traffic site. Anyway, this isn't strictly relevant to my topic, but my good friend Alan is a freelance animator, so I'll pretend that makes it relevant enough. Alan has just premiered the first episode of Vermis, a series of clay-mation shorts about a group of worms on Uth TV. It's well done, funny, and more episodes are on the way as soon as he can make more clay worms, so check it out and support a freelancer and artist. On a more germane note, I'm now exactly three weeks out from my last day in San Francisco. I still haven't made any arrangements for the move, but after doing a little more research (and checking out the links that you all sent me) I think I've decided that I'm going to follow my first instinct and go with Help U Move. I just need to call them and make sure there's going to be enough space on my street for them to leave the trailer during the time I'll need it. Details will follow of my experience with them, as I'm sure it will be useful to anyone else planning a move.
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