Just some general blogging stuff
Jun 29, 2006

In the spirit of making my blog more fun I've added a few things. The first is a countdown clock which you can see just to the right of the title for the blog (unless you happen to be reading this via the feed...). As of right now it reads 'T-22 days', there being 22 days until things really start to happen. 22 days from now it will read 'T+0 days', and will continue to count up from there, providing a running tally for how long I've been in business in Boston. The countdown is just an extremely simple PHP script, took only a couple seconds to write, but I think it's a pretty fun little feature to have. The other thing i did was to sign up for FeedBurner which will let me keep track of the activity on the feed for my blog. This is mostly to satisfy my own curiosity (and possibly my ego a little), but I suppose could be somewhat interesting for others. They also offer various other services to help get more out of your feed, although for the moment I'm mostly interested in seeing how they measure the stats. That let's me put a little image on my site that displays how many subscribers I currently have like this: I'll probably be putting it in the side bar somewhere, although I may wait until the number's a little less depressing... Nothing really all that fascinating, but it's fun to look at the different things you can do with a blog.
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