What's a sales process and why do I need one?
Jun 23, 2006

As I was driving into work today (yes, I know it's a spare the air day and that BART was free, but I actually need my car after work today) I was in a good mood. An exceptionally good mood really. I don't think I've ever enjoyed going to work quite as much as I did this morning. At first I assumed it had to do with all the various things going on in my life: today is the first of my last five Fridays at my current job, it's my girlfriends last day at her current job at the same company (unlike me, she actually has another job lined up, read all about her wacky adventures here: WhipperSnaPR), and I'm really starting to make progress on figuring out this whole going into business for myself thing. Then when I got into work I read this article and realized that my happiness has nothing to do with any of that and is solely because today is the happiest day of the year. Oh well. Getting back on topic, you may have noticed that I said I'm making progress on my new business venture. And since I'm sure you actually noticed the title of this post, you've probably already figured out that it has something to do with a sales process, whatever that is. Until yesterday I had no idea what a sales process was either, nor did I know that I need to have one. Fortunately my very good friend Julia French has a lot of experience with this sort of thing and has helped people set up their own consultancies before; she set me straight. So what is this magical sales process thing? you may find yourself asking. Well, amazingly enough, it's a process for selling. More specifically it's a tool to help you figure out what you're going to sell, whom you're going to sell it to, and how you're going to sell it. Just knowing that your going to sell some particular product or service to some particular group of people isn't enough, you need to break it down and set up a specific plan of action. You need to identify your target market and break it down into tiers, identify the specific products/services you want to sell to each target market, determine how you want to split up your time and attention between the different tiers of your customer base, and then figure out how you're going to sell each product/service to each tier and for how much. But rather than bore you with my clumsy attempt to explain this in more detail, I think I'll leave that to Julia herself who will be making her debut as a guest blogger here shortly. Take it away, Julia.
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