I've completely lost my marbles, or only just now found them all
Jun 21, 2006

This morning I tendered my resignation. Exactly one month from today, on July 21, I will leave my office for the last time, leave San Francisco, move in with my girlfriend in Boston, and start my own IT consulting company. About as much change as you can possibly have in your life all at once. Why? Because this is what I want to do, and call me crazy, but I think that's a good enough reason. In one month's time I will be on my way to Boston with no job and very little money. Despite that, I've so far found this experience to be quite liberating. Although I still have the responsibilities of my current position for another 30 days (and will continue to fulfill them, as I don't want to abandon the friends I've made at this company), they seem much less onerous than they did yesterday. This has definitely been the least frustrating day I've had at work in just about as long as I can remember. But even still, I don't think the reality of what I've done has really set in yet; I've still got 30 more days of exactly the same thing I've been doing for the last year and a half, and, close as that is, it still doesn't really feel as though my situation has significantly changed. But really, that's the whole reason I'm writing this blog: I don't know what to expect, but whatever happens I intend to share it.
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