Shepherds and Brokers
Dec 07, 2006

I'm writing this from The Druid in Inman Square where I'm stuffed to the gills with what was, by far, the best Shepherd's Pie I've ever had in my life. Rather than the standard ground beef with some peas and carrots topped with mediocre mashed potatoes it was a fantastic lamb stew with vegetables topped with fantastic mashed potatoes. And they didn't skimp on the meat either, there was plenty of nice big chunks of lamb to last the whole way through the meal. Plus they're one of the few places around enlightened enough to offer free WiFi. So you get a fantastic Irish Pub with fantastic Irish food, good prices, great atmosphere, and internet access so you can spend the whole day here and still claim to be working. I think I have a new favorite casual eatery. In other news, we met with our mortgage broker this morning to apply for our mortgage. When we were first starting the process we were told that applying for a mortgage was like getting a root canal. I've never had a root canal, but, if that's what it's like, sign me up! I think the mortgage has seriously been one of the easiest parts of this whole process, which is saying a lot considering every other person we've worked with on this has been really good and really helpful. I think we must have had one of the best possible house shopping experiences, and I almost can't wait to do it again (Cape house, anyone? Maybe in a few years...). So we're now pretty much finished with buying our condo. Everything that we need to do has been done, and now it's just up to our lawyer, agent, and broker to take care of the rest. We're definitely on track to be moving in by our closing date of Jan. 12.
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