I'll keep this short
Dec 26, 2006

Because in a few minutes I'll be leaving to go see Jessi's grandma. I'm currently in Illinois (read: the middle of nowhere) staying with Jessi's family for Christmas. We've been here since Friday and will be here until Friday, which is why I haven't been writing anything. Also, the internet connection is incredibly slow out here (it has to be satellite way out here in the middle of nowhere, so it's also extremely high latency...) which hasn't really encouraged me to spend a whole lot of time online. Anyway, not really a whole lot going on that's relevant to my blog, but i wanted to point out this. Apparently a company called Phoenix Motorcars is building electric trucks/SUVs that will be released some time next year. According to the website it has a range of over 100 miles and can charge to 95% in less than 10 minutes. If this is true, it's huge news. One of the markets that I think electric cars really need to break into is the rural market. Ordinarily the limited range and long charge times really make electrics impractical for rural areas, but with a charge time measured in minutes, 100 miles should be plenty. A good, rugged electric pickup would, I think, really change the image that electric vehicles have in the eyes of Americans. It would stop being a toy of the rich, spoiled celebrities and urbanites, and start being something that you're average joe farmer could actually use. Having spent a good amount of time out here in farm country, I think it's safe to say that this is where our oil dependency is hurting us the most. Out here, people have to drive everywhere, and they have to drive pretty long distances even to just go out to dinner at a restaurant. That adds up to a lot of gas and a lot of money (even way out in rural Illinois, gas is running around $2.25 per gallon for regular). If it were practical for people out here to drive electrics, it could really save a lot of money for everyone. Additionally, if farmers are using electric trucks, it reduces their costs which will drive down the prices on their crops and make it easier for American farmers to compete with imported food without market-imbalancing subsidies (something which I think would be very good). Hopefully the Phoenix SUT (Sport Utility Truck) will turn out to be as good as it sounds. I would love to see EVs start to appear way out here in the middle of nowhere. As far as image goes, a 'cowboy-compatible' EV will go a long way towards making EVs seem like a more viable alternative for everyone, in addition to the advantages of bringing down the cost of domestically grown crops and therefore helping our economy and American farmers.
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