More bad BOFA news
Dec 14, 2006

Fortunately it's not personally relevant this time, but Bank of America is pulling their support for the celebrity series. is running a more detailed story. I haven't mentioned it in a while, but I am still planning on dumping Bank of America and moving to a different bank. As before, my top two choices are Leader Bank and Wainwright Bank. I haven't fully decided which I'm going to go with yet, but it will almost definitely be with one of those two. Wainwright has the whole social responsibility thing going for them (hey, maybe they'll take up sponsorship of the Celebrity Series), but after one of my previous posts about my banking quandary someone from Leader Bank actually personally got in touch with me and offered to answer any questions I have, which was really nice. Leader Bank also has displayed a commitment to embracing new technologies to improve the banking experience (although, to be honest, their web site doesn't really reflect that) which I think is a very good thing. At any rate, I'm going to wait until after all this home buying and mortgage stuff is over before I start moving messing too severely with my account balances.
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