Fastest hands in the West and an all-star home buying team
Dec 11, 2006

Now that we're pretty much done with the house buying process, I figure it's a good time to start writing about it. It's long, it's complicated, but it's interesting. One of the things that I found really interesting about it was how many people are involved. It's not just the buyer, the seller and their respective agents. Jessi and I have had to deal with: our agent (Anne Munson of RE/MAX Destiny in Cambridge. She's fantastic and we highly recommend her to anyone else buying a home in the area), our mortgage broker (Chris Smith of Capstone Mortgage. Again, we couldn't recommend her any more highly.), our attorney (Katherine Kurtz of Belesi & Conroy. Haven't really worked with her as much, but she seems to be pretty good.), the seller (probably shouldn't give out her name...), the seller's agent, the seller's attorney, a home inspector (Mark George of Home Inspection Assoc., Inc. Yet another amazingly competent person we were lucky to have on our team), and I'm probably forgetting one or two. In addition to those people, Chris also has to deal with an attorney (also Katherine in this case, which simplifies things and saves us money) as well as the various bank people. I don't think I can possibly stress enough how helpful it was to have a good team of people to work with. Anne made the process of finding or place as painless as possible, and Chris exceeded all expectations in doing the same with the mortgage process. Mark is a fantastic inspector, I think I learned more about houses from him during the inspection than I'd ever hoped to know in the first place. I'm sure most agents, brokers, and inspectors are good people and good at what they do, but the people we've been working with have just been great. Even if you don't go with the same people we did, you should really make sure that you like and are comfortable with the people you're working with. You'll be spending a lot of time with them and giving them all sorts of personal details, so pick someone you trust. I really think that's the most important thing to know about buying a house. There's certainly a lot else to the process, but the people you work with, if they're good, will help you through all of that. I'll get into the actual process in the next couple posts. And now for something completely different. The cameraman sucks, but you want to watch this all the way through anyway.
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