Congratulations to Governor-elect Deval Patrick!
Nov 08, 2006

Many congratulations to Deval Patrick and his campaign team for a job well done. Despite my personal support for Mihos, I do think that Patrick will be an excellent governor. Politics aside, he has all the characteristics of a great leader, and I think he's sincere in his commitment to the betterment of the Commonwealth.
Christy Mihos
I was very glad to have the opportunity to observe the final hours of the race from the Mihos campaign's election night party. It was a fascinating experience and, if nothing else, strengthened my confidence in Christy Mihos as a candidate. I hope he runs for office again, because he'll have my vote again. The party was a lot of fun, and it was a great place to be while watching the poll results come in. It's difficult to say exactly what the mood was. Certainly everyone was excited and highly anticipating the results, but with what turned out to be very high voter turnout it didn't take long for it to be pretty clear that things weren't going to turn out quite the way we wanted. Unfortunately I haven't yet been able to find any reports on what the voter turnout actually was, but certainly it was much higher than it seemed in my precinct. But when Mihos entered the room it was nothing but cheers, and Mihos' concession speech was very gracious and complementary of his opponents and, especially, Deval Patrick. Sadly I didn't get a chance to actually meet Mr. Mihos, but hopefully there will be other opportunities in the future. As far as the actual election went, obviously my prediction was just a tad off. But I really do think that, had voter turnout been low, it would have shaped up more as I predicted. The results definitely seemed to support my take that the only people who voted for Healey were party-line Republican voters who voted for her for no reason other than that she ran on the Republican ticket. She could have sacrificed a baby on stage, and they still would have voted for her because she's a Republican. Patrick obviously took not only the general Democratic vote, but the moderates and centrists as well. According to reports I've seen he took a large percentage of independent voters. I think general resentment towards the current administration, and a view of that administration as definitively Republican—both state and federal—is what really kicked his numbers to the levels they reached. Clearly I overestimated the amount of the backlash against the current administration that was leveled against the Democrats. I thought that they would be viewed as part of the problem to a much greater extent than it appears they were. I guess people just aren't ready to shake that two-party mentality yet. Maybe some day. If we're lucky.
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