Remember, remember, the fifth of November
Nov 05, 2006

Though it involved no gunpowder, treason, or plot, this Guy Fawkes Night (Which is also one of my favorite holidays, even though I'm not British and don't celebrate it. There's just something about a holiday during which you burn people in effigy...), it was certainly still a night to remember. Tonight, Jessi and I made an offer on a townhouse/condo. I think this means that we're officially Big Kids. It also means that, barring unforeseen problems, we'll soon no longer be residents of Cambridge, but of Somerville, the second move this year for both of us. The process of home-buying has been, so far, pretty painless. I'll write about it in more detail, but I'll wait until we finish the process first. In other news, I went to my first Carleton College alumni event the other night. I don't know why, but I never really bothered to get involved with any of that stuff in San Francisco. I suppose it probably had to do with already knowing lots of people in the area and having a regular office job that brought with it some really great friends, whereas here I know fewer people, and don't get to meet as many new friends through work. Anyway, the event was actually a lot of fun. It was largely '05ers and '06ers, then myself and one of two others from the class of '04, and a couple from '02 and '03. Amazingly enough, I actually ran into someone that I played rugby with freshman year. I also met a guy who's currently a corporate lawyer working with biotech firms. He pointed me towards some Mac users he knows in the industry, so hopefully I'll even get some business out of the event which, I suppose, just goes to show that a little networking is always worthwhile. Oh yeah, I'm also in need of a haircut. I haven't had to do that yet here, so I have no idea where to go. Any and all recommendations are welcome. Preferably somewhere that's likely to be able to squeeze me in before tuesday night when I'll be attending Christy Mihos' election night party.
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