Texas Hold-em
Nov 25, 2006

Thanks to the prodding of a good friend of mine (and one of the guys behind the College Poker Association), I've recently become a member at Prizewagon.com. An online gaming site where you play with fake money for the chance to win real money. I've been playing tons of Texas Hold-em for the past few days (currently the only game where you have a chance at cash prizes, I think). I've never really been much of a poker player. In fact, given my track record, I've pretty much considered it a lost cause. However I've discovered that I'm not entirely terrible at Texas Hold-em. After my first day of playing I was up $4000 (fake dollars, that is). I'm now down by about $1000, but consistently getting better. I think having a computerized version helps a lot since I don't really know everything that's going on and it explicitly spells out my options for me. I'm almost considering starting to play for real, just for fun. We'll see. At any rate, if you have any interest in poker at all, I highly recommend you check out Prizewagon.com. And don't forget when you sign up to say that I referred you. My username is 'joshourisman'. I look forward to taking your fake money (yes, that's a challenge).
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