Pastafarianism vindicated
Nov 19, 2006

I've discovered what is, unquestionably, scientific proof of the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. This picture of the so-called 'Eagle Nebula' (NGC 6611) is, without a doubt, actually a picture of the FSM and His most noodly of appendages, thus proving that not only does the FSM exist, but that He created the stars in the sky. Take that, Kansas Board of Education! You can clearly see the twin globes of His Holy Meatballs at the top-right of the 'nebula'. There are also tons of noodly protrusions surrounding them. The large stream of matter coming from Him, must be the primordial materials of the universe. As looking at the cosmos through a telescope is effectively looking back in time, I believe that what we are seeing here is the FSM creating the universe. RAmen
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