Honesty is not silencing opinions
Oct 04, 2006

Emily Rooney over at The Greater Boston Blog posted today an article entitled Let's Be Honest. In it she advocates excluding Christy Mihos and Grace Ross from the remaining gubernatorial debates. Apparently she thinks that just because they qualified to be on the ballot, that doesn't mean we get to hear what they think about the issues. Perhaps I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it means for them to qualify to be on the ballot. In justification for this position, she cites the latest polls in which Mihos has 7% of the vote and Ross 1%, claiming that this 'means both candidates are out of the running'. I beg to differ. Admittedly, 8% of the vote won't win anyone anything, but it represents approximately half a million Massachusetts voters who think that Mihos and Ross have something worthwhile to say. Are we to completely ignore those 500,000+ people? Who knows what will happen in the next 30-some days. For all we know, something that Mihos or Ross says in one of the next debates, debates Rooney doesn't want them to attend, will be the thing that opens the floodgates and wins them the election. All candidates have the right to be heard, and the voters of Massachusetts have the right to hear them. She does have one good point when she asks 'But are they qualified to be governor and do the voters of Massachusetts think they are?'. It's an excellent question and one that should, nay must be addressed. Fortunately we already have some very excellent mechanisms in place for addressing exactly those questions. They're called debates and elections.
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