Mass Guber '06: 2nd debate
Oct 03, 2006

I'm currently sitting in front of the tv watching PBS waiting for the second gubernatorial debate of the '06 Massachusetts gubernatorial race. No, I'm not going to get tired of saying gubernatorial. I'm considering 'liveblogging' it, but we'll see. At any rate, going into it, I'm interested to see a couple things: 1) if Healey is able to give more than the lackluster performance of the first ebate, 2) if Patrick can, this time, live up to his reputation as an excellent speaker, 3) if Ross has maybe picked up a few hints since the last debate and can present herself as more of a serious candidate, 4) if Mihos will spend a little less time criticizing Healey and more time voicing his own opinions in a more objective context. Also, a couple days ago I sent an email to the Mihos campaign asking them about Mihos' position on small businesses and sole proprietorships and if he had any thoughts or plans on what he could do for those businesses. I'm sure it's a long shot, but it would be great if he brought it up during the debate.
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