Mass Guber '06: Another debate
Oct 26, 2006

Sadly I missed the debate last night because Jessi and I were meeting with a realtor. From the accounts I've read so far, it sounds like it was a great debate, and I really wish I'd seen it. Here's one good account of it, another is here, and I'm hoping we'll get one later from Jesse Legg. If only this was the sort of thing they'd show re-runs of the next day... I did, however, get an interesting and germane piece of mail yesterday. It came from the Mihos gubernatorial campaign, and is an invitation to the campaign's Election Night 2006 Celebration at the Radisson Hotel. I definitely plan to go. It should be a great opportunity to meet Christy, and, hopefully, congratulate my next governor. At the very least, I imagine there will be free food and probably champagne.
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