Google ads! And an interview.
Oct 24, 2006

Following the poll I posted last monday (8-2 in favor), I've now put some Google ads on my blog. Undoubtedly you noticed the banner at the top of the page. There's also one at the very bottom, and a 'skyscraper' of ads in the side bar under all the useful stuff. Hopefully it's a good balance of enough ads to maybe make some money but not enough to annoy people too much. We'll see, and, as always, input is more than welcome. It looks like Google is struggling to find ads relevant to my blog. Not all that surprising really, although it's been getting better over the course of the day. We'll see what it settles on. Also today, I had my interview with Seth Cummings. It went well and I think I got a lot of good material to write an article. I still have to go over my notes, but expect to see a piece on Seth/Amp'd/BU on by the end of the week.
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