Oct 18, 2006

If you're not already, you should really be reading the Tesla Motors blog. It's a fantastic example of what corporate blogs can be. In the latest post, CEO Martin Eberhard talks about the technology used in the motors that will drive their cars. In doing so, he gives an excellent history lesson on Nikola Tesla (in my opinion, one of the most interesting people in the history of technology). Apparently the motors they use are extremely similar to the electric motor Tesla designed and patented in 1888, that's how good he was. And, to top it all off, he actually uses the word 'dohicky' in a technical explanation. (The dohicky in question being the commutator used to flip the polarity of the magnetic field in a DC motor causing it to actually spin rather than just align in a single position.) I really can't wait to test drive a Tesla Roadster. With luck, my next car will be one of their future models. In other technology news related news, I now have another job title to call my own. I am now, in addition to being Founder and President of Derivative Technologies Consulting, the new Editor in Chief of Cellphone Tech News, an appropriately named site focusing on cell phone technology news. A position which will undoubtedly afford me plenty of opportunity to use the word 'dohicky' myself, I'm sure. Over the next few weeks I'll be working on transitioning the existing site to a more robust and feature-full (I really don't like that word, 'featurous' would be much better) back-end and working on increasing the volume of content. While I'll do my best to write as much of that content as I can (and, as you're all aware, I'm perfectly capable of being quite verbose, quite often), ideally I'll be able to find some regularly contributing writers to take on some of the load. So, if you happen to be interested in writing about cell phone technology, or even just have some ideas on what we could write about or direction we might want to look in, please feel free to email me (
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