Mass Guber '06: Christy Mihos on Business
Oct 17, 2006

First, the big news: another local blogger, Jesse Legg, has referred to the Massachusetts gubernatorial race as 'Mass Guber'. Perhaps I shouldn't, but I'm taking credit for that. Title aside, Jesse's written an excellent post about the upcoming Gubernatorial debate an Faneuil Hall this Thursday. His breakdown of the candidates and what they need to accomplish in this debate is spot-on. And he, as a fellow Mihos supporter, hits it right on the nose when talking about the Mihos campaign: Christy Mihos; I was so excited for him. I handed out bumper stickers and buttons. His commercials were spot on, clean and critical but not attack ads. My support continues but, as I blogged about last week, I’m mildly concerned for the campaign. He had a lot of momentum after the initial debate. I’m going to watch closely Thursday to make sure he isn’t giving up. Maybe he’s low on funds. Maybe he plans another blitz Friday morning. I hope for the latter. Just keep it clean and come out fighting. I couldn't agree more. Mihos has an amazing energy and charisma that speaks to people, even people who wouldn't otherwise consider an independent candidate. On paper he is a fantastic candidate, his campaign has been well run, and his ads have been amazing. But in the last few weeks Christy Mihos has just sort of dropped off the radar. I haven't heard or seen anything about it. I hope it's just the calm before the storm and that the campaign will be gearing up following Thursday's debate to finish out the race with a bang. Mihos may still be polling in single digits, but if he can put on a good show at the remaining debates and campaign hard to get his name, face, and message out there, I still think he stands a chance. He will, at least, have my vote on November 7. In other Mihos news, Peter Howe of the Boston Globe, has written an excellent article on Mihos. It touches on all the key points of Mihos' platform, but, most importantly, it talks about his stance on business, and particularly small businesses. I had previously written directly to the Mihos campaign about exactly this issue. Although I never got a reply directly on that question (I did get a persona reply, however), I consider this article to probably be better than just an email to me would have been. When asked what he would do for small businesses in Massachusetts (such as his own) he responds, 'The only thing a governor can do is take away the stress and burden that fall on my customers each and every day. Take away their fees, their fines, their taxes [and] just make it so that people that are coming in to see me are happy and can afford to live here'. While on some level it would be nice to hear that he'd give aid specifically to small businesses or do something that would directly benefit me, in truth, this is, I think, the right position for him to take. It's not government's place to decide which businesses live and die, it's the place of the consumer. All government can and should do is stay out of the way as much as possible. Christy Mihos, as a small business owner, gets that, and I, as a small business owner, am glad that there's a candidate out there who does. And, in other Mihos news, yet another blogger has come out as a Mihos supporter. Says Roger, of Mass Maddness: Massachusetts needs a real-change candidate, a description that doesn't apply to either the Democrat or Republican candidate. But it does describe Christy Mihos -- too bad the voters, the media, and Beacon Hill write him off. But why is Mihos the right man for the job? Because he's open, he cares, and he (at least tries) to bridge any left-right babble.
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