Google ads?
Oct 16, 2006

So I think i've reached the point where I need to ask myself this question. When I first started this blog I made the decision not to put ads on it. The reason I made that decision was that, with no one reading it yet, I would not get anything out of it, and there's always the people that will be turned off by the presence of ads, making it harder to gain readership. However, since I've started writing this blog, my readership has been growing fairly steadily. Taken over the entire life of this blog, I have an average of 11 subscribers. Over the past month it's at 16, and over the past week it's at 18. While my all-time high of 22 subscribers is certainly not going to pay the bills, it's definitely at the level where I'll start to see a couple bucks. Maybe even enough to offset my hosting costs. Of course, if it were to lose me my readers, I don't think it would be worth it. So, I'm putting it to you, my readers, the question of whether or not I should start putting ads on my blog. If you don't care, I'd consider that a 'yes' vote. If you do, and would really not like to see ads, I'd really appreciate a comment letting me know why. It's a question that's not only applicable to me, but to pretty much every blogger out there, especially the smaller ones. And I think it's only fair to say that without a strong vote against ads, I'm leaning towards adding them.
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